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Project Overview
The following are the main phases of a typical project:

Phase 1: System Design

An effective system is the product of a well designed process. Through the design phase, the scope of the Quality Management System is defined, as well as the interaction of processes, and any exclusions of the ISO 9001. This phase establishes the boundaries of the system.

The Quality Management System documentation is developed during this phase. At the end of this phase, the quality manual, procedures, instructions, forms, and any other required documents are developed.

Phase 2: System Deployment

Every element of the Quality Management System is implemented during this phase. Any required changes to documentation are made throughout the deployment of the system. At this point, your company has a Quality Management System, and it is generating records.

An important activity during the implementation phase is training of personnel. This is critical for the understanding of the system and effective implementation. 

Phase 3: System Verification

Once the system has been deployed, and implementation is on going, the quality system is verified to evaluate compliances with the ISO 9001 Standard, and company policies. An internal audit is performed during this phase. Results of the internal audit become part of the corrective preventive actions and data analysis of the system. Also, internal audit reports are required inputs to management review.

During the verification phase, the system is ready for a Stage 1 review (Performed by the Registrar organization).

Phase 4: System Validation

This is the final phase of the project. Any nonconformances found during the internal audit are solved in this phase. A management review is performed, and quality objectives are established. Final improvements are made to system as a preparation for the certification audit.  

The Stage 2 audit is prformed (by the Registrar). This is the registration audit.
At AQC, we use a systematic approach to effectively design and deploy your quality system. Each phase of the project is reviewed as planned, and deliverables are established to assure that the system is effectively implemented. Timelines for each phase are established based on the size of the company and the quality system.
ISO 9001:2015
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