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Environmental, Health & Safety Management Systems
ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certification

AQC offers services in the areas of Environmental, and Health & Safety Management Systems.

We assist you in the design, development and certification process of your EH&S Management System, with the ultimate goal of improving your company safety programs, complying with safety and environmental regulations, and achieving your ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification.

These systems can be designed and deployed simultaneously or individually depending on the organizations operational activities and goals.

Integrated Management Systems

If your organization is seeking ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications collectively, Atlanta Quality Consulting has developed a program to meet this need, which will facilitate your organization management in the control of documents, control of records, management reviews, corrective and preventive actions, data analysis, and management reviews. 

Having an Integrated Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management System offers multiple advantages to your organization, primarily in the allocation of resources and cost reduction during the validation phase of the system, certification and maintenance.

Maintenance of the QEH&S Management Systems

Through the design, deployment and verification of your quality and/or environmental and safety management system, we work closely with the management representative and the company’s key personnel to assure that the system is robust and sustainable. 

We, at AQC, have the experience to create the mechanisms to assure that upon achievement of your company's ISO 9001/14001/45001 certification, your organization’s personnel are capable to maintain the quality system. In addition, as part of our consultation services we offer maintenance support of QEH&S management systems.